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What are Professional Learning Communities?


At Sandpiper School we started a Professional Learning Community (PLC) in August 2020. This section of the website will be a guide to orientate new staff and to support current teachers in keeping the PLC sustainable.  

A PLC is not a one-time event, it is a continuous, ongoing, never-ending program. If implemented and sustained effectively, a PLC process can have a positive impact on the structure and culture of the school.

What is a PLC?

At Sandpipers, a professional learning community is an ongoing process in which the teachers work collaboratively in order to promote higher learning for themselves and their students. The leader must practice a centric, transformational leadership style and be knowledgeable in promoting collective learning and learning circles.

What are the benefits of a PLC?

  • A focus on learning for the students and teachers of Sandpipers
  • A community of collaboration and collective responsibility
  • Builds strong relationships between team members
  • Empowers the teachers
  • Promotes a culture of action research and reflection

The PLC process empowers educators to make important decisions and encourages their creativity in the pursuit of improving student and adult learning. (cite)