Grade 1 & 2

Sandpipers is happy to announce our new Grade 1 and 2 programs which started in 2023. We are using a science of reading and systematic math programs that are aligned with US standards.

Where will my child go when they are 6 years old?

6-8 year olds

Our newly established Grade 1 and 2 program offers your child an opportunity for academic growth through an expansive and enriching curriculum. Through observation, teachers outline individual plans for each child’s academic development level. The curriculum used in grades 1 and 2 is research-based and aligned with international standards. These standards provide an outline as to which specific skills children should learn in each grade level. Our schedule is designed to provide short, whole-group learning instruction to optimize small-group and individualized learning. Our curriculums were created to provide educational opportunities for each student to master the standard in an engaging, differentiated environment. We are also very thankful to have a large international student population.

We value representation and inclusiveness and incorporate students’ cultures and countries into our curriculum and learning experiences. Literacy: The students follow a curriculum called Guided Phonics and Beyond. This is designed using the research behind the Science of Reading (SOR). Years of research show that reading should be taught using a strong phonics approach and skills should be introduced in an explicit, systematic, sequential, and cumulative manner. The students are using Half Pint Kids decodable books which include 108 titles and unlike some decodable books, these books tell an actual story that makes sense. Handwriting is another strand of our language program that begins in Pre-Kindergarten and sequentially expands to meet developmental

Math: First and Second Grade Math is a systematic 28-week comprehensive curriculum that utilizes hands-on manipulatives, differentiated centers, worksheets, and games that engages students while enhancing their number sense and allows the children to make real-world connections.

We also offer Science, Geography, French, Art, Sports, and a virtues program. More information is available upon enrollment.

" Preparing our children for tomorrow's world"

We adhere to the Montessori ethos for work cycles and social-emotional development.  Ms.Lucy was trained in 2008 at the renown Montessori Centre International in the U.K.   She is our teacher for ages 3-6 years and is fully accredited in an authentic Montessori diploma.  Ms. Lucy creates meaningful lessons that will guarantee your child loves to learn and becomes an active participant in day to day life


Our Sandpipers students are ready for any challenge that comes their way.