School Uniforms

At Sandpipers School ONLY school age children are required to wear uniforms ( ages 3-8 years). 

Uniforms are very common in Grenada and all schools wear the uniforms proudly.

Sandpipers school colours are RED or YELLOW . We advise that you purchase the polo shirts overseas. Be sure to get a  %100 cotton shirt as it gets hot in the sun in Grenada! 

Children’s Place is the store of choice for high quality polos. Here is a link for a 5 pack for $35 USD. They deliver to Grenada if needed, although it can be costly. There are no duties on children’s uniforms.

Girls may wear navy blue skirts (with bike shorts underneath, or built in shorts). 
There is a woman who locally sews navy blue kimonos (information available upon arrival). 
We also accept the navy blue polo dresses for girls. 
Boys may wear navy blue shorts. 

PE Uniforms. Every Wednesday school age children are required to wear black shorts and white t-shirt. Please bring high quality shirts with you and we will have them silk screened here in Grenada with our logo. 

Shoes: High quality outdoor shoes, with socks. No crocs or flip flops are accepted as they are not supportive for your childs’ outdoor play.