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What are the school's teaching methods?

Sandpipers’ school uses a balanced curriculum. We use hands on Montessori learning in the morning. The afternoon classes are planned with small groups for cultural activities, and workbook based lessons. 

Support for the Whole Family

Thoughtfully and carefully designed programs, and schedules – all created with the needs of both children and parents in mind.
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Inspired Teachers

Dedicated early childhood professionals fully engaged in teaching careers, who benefit from our in house training and ongoing support.
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Proven Approach to Education

Research-informed curriculum designed by experienced educators to inspire children not just to learn, but to think on their own.
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"Educating todays learners for tomorrow's world."

We put a huge emphasis on social emotional skills, these are the ability to recognize and regulate your emotions, practice compassion and develop healthy trusting relationships. 

The development of these skills is critical to a child’s development and overall happiness in life. 

Combining these skills with academic development creates high quality learning experiences that empower students to be more effective contributors in their classroom today and in their workplaces and communities tomorrow.