Professional Learning Community

For teachers

During my master studies I began researching, developing and implementing a program called a professional learning community. 

As Richard DuFour, the creator of PLC’s states: “Our best hope for improving schools is to focus on developing the capacity of the people within the schools.”

Here is a snapshot of an effective PLC. As you will listen you will notice it is the opposite of teachers working in isolation.  

 “Doors to the classrooms are always open, students and teachers are deeply involved in learning activities. Teachers have been permitted to make their own decisions, collaboratively, about the kinds of lessons, thematic curriculums, and team-teaching approaches that best suits the mission of the school.  In the hallways, teachers conversations revolve around plans being made for their classrooms. Continuous professional development is regularly scheduled as are team meetings, The principal acts as facilitator and with their support, all of these activities are collaboratively planned and led by the teachers.”

 All activities are built around the school’s core mission. Noticeably, the school described in this snapshot has learned for all as its focus.

What I like most about PLC’s is that it is not a one-time event, it is an ongoing process.  Ongoing learning, it is hoped, will ultimately result in better teaching and learning in schools. (Anderson & Herr, 2009)