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Choosing the right Montessori School for your child

It’s tricky to know exactly what constitutes an authentic Montessori program. There is no copyright on the term “Montessori.”  That means anyone can open a school and call it “Montessori” without implementing an authentic program.


Why is this important?


As a parent you want the best for your child. It is very important to verify that the Montessori teacher training is from an accredited school. The teachers and head teacher should have acronyms after their name and qualifications stating their level of certification. (AMI, AMS, MACTE).


Online Montessori training is rarely accredited and the teacher does not get the experience of observations of other Montessori programs The authentic Montessori teacher training program requires the teachers to do practicum hours at various accredited Montessori Schools in the USA, Canada or UK.

A good Montessori classroom is calm and peaceful. You will see many children deep in concentration as they choose an activity and work with it for a good long time. Other children are moving in the classroom as they choose an activity and sit down to work, but the movement in the classroom is slow and purposeful.

Authentic Montessori classrooms group children together by three-year age spans. This means a third of the children in a class will be three years old, a third will be four and a third will be five, turning six. A bona fide Montessori school will ALWAYS have kindergarten included in this age grouping, with three and four-year-old children and will never separate kindergarten children into a different class.The reason? Older kindergarten-age children model respectful behaviors and advanced work that the younger children will eventually one day experience.  Younger children certainly benefit from this mentoring—but also the older children, irrespective of personality, are afforded an opportunity of leadership.

Requirements for School Age Program

The school day starts at 8:30 AM and finishes at 2:30 PM. September to June. The program requires a 10-month commitment for student enrolment and fee payments unless otherwise stated with administration approval. We do accept traveling or visiting children on a month to month basis. 

The one pre-requisite for our School Age Program is that your child must be toilet trained. By enrolling your child in the Toddler Program, we will work with each family to facilitate success in potty training.

School-age program (ages 3-6 years) follow the Ministry of Education guidelines for holidays.

School-age children are welcome to stay later and join our After School Clubs from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm.  There is an additional fee for this program of  $10 hourly per session.

Sandpipers School also offers half-day attendance for all children. The pick-up time for any child attending half-day is 12:30. 

Teacher Professional Development

Monthly Teacher Meetings are held every month and the school closes at 3:00 PM. You will be notified a week prior to the early closure.

Weekly team meetings happen every Monday to prepare the lessons for the week ahead and to review the previous weeks lessons. 

School Location

We are located on a quiet road in Lance Aux E’Pines, near the Calabash hotel with full accessibility to local buses.  The SGU bus stops are 100 meters from the school, onsite parking is available, and we have a drop-off and pick-up area at the main gate.

Uniform Requirements

The infant and toddler program will be free to wear regular comfortable clothing.

School Age Children will wear a uniform of navy blue shorts or skirts, and various colours of polo shirts.

Tuesday is sports day and the children wear black shorts, plain white t-shirts and running shoes. 

The girls pinafores are made locally and we can set up appointment times for measurements.