Frequently Asked Questions

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Infant and Toddler care

Infant and Toddler care is provided from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM year-round with the exception of a 2-week closure over the Christmas holiday. 

Co-operative play is something we truly value. But it has to be learned, as well as appeal to our social instincts… The best way to achieve this is by copying what we see. Therefore, our nursery teachers and educators model play and co-operate whenever they can, so the kids get a sense of what it looks like. Taking turns, acting gently, speaking in a kind manner: all of these are examples of positive reinforcement. Soon enough, the play will start to diffuse social tension as a result.
We begin with short separation times, as children need to have faith that their caregiver will return. This builds trust and mutual understanding. Once these brief periods become the norm, we extend the length of separation. A comforter from home often helps, something like a blanket, toy or teddy bear. It’s normal for a child to cry during their initial state at kindergarten of semi-independence. Please remember that it’s a natural, healthy response to the love you’ve given them so far… For transitions and promotions, too, we create a plan that’s tailored to their personality traits.

School Age

The school day starts at 8:00 AM and finishes at 3:00 PM. September to June. The program requires a 10-month commitment for student enrolment and fee payments unless otherwise stated with administration approval. We do accept traveling or visiting children on a month to month basis. 

It is strongly encouraged that all children starting in Preschool be potty-trained. However, it is not required.

School-age program (ages 3-6 years) follow the Ministry of Education guidelines for holidays.

School-age children are welcome to stay later and join our After School Clubs from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  There is an additional fee for this program of $20 ec per session.

Sandpipers School also offers half-day attendance for all children. The pick-up time for any child attending half-day is 12:30. 

Holiday Schedule

Staff Meetings are held every month and the school closes at 3:00 PM. You will be notified a week prior to the early closure.

School Location

We are located on a quiet road in Lance Aux E’Pines, near the Calabash hotel with full accessibility to local buses.  The SGU bus stops are 100 meters from the school, onsite parking is available, and we have a drop-off and pick-up area at the main gate.

Uniform Requirements

The infant and toddler program will be free to wear regular comfortable clothing.

Preschool and Kindergarten children will wear a uniform of navy blue shorts and pale yellow or red polo shirts.

Embroidered logos will be made available at our school starting January 2021.