Employment Opportunities

Is this job for you? 

At Sandpipers Nursery and Preschool our teachers take part in ongoing professional development. Here are some requirements for you if you are considering becoming part of our team!  

1. Are you willing to be a part of Professional Learning Community? This means that you  have the capacity to engage in and sustain learning in a school community with other professionals with a collective purpose of enhancing pupil learning.

2. Present mini-workshops to your colleagues at our monthly discussion groups.  Teachers must be competent in reading an article and highlighting the important parts of the article in order to “teach the teachers” with the creation of a short mini workshop/presentation to their colleagues.

2. Do you own a good cell phone, table or other device? Every week training videos are posted to the app EdPuzzle. These training videos are embedded with open ended questions. You must come prepared to discuss the open ended questions from the training videos. at our monthly discussion groups. 

Our School is a unique community of teachers and school families from all around the world. We are diverse in our race, culture, and ethnicity. We all have varying access to higher learning, we live in a country with a huge variance between socioeconomic status, our social identity and various skill sets, family morals and core values, and the language we speak. This list is just a few of many differences that makes us unique in our identity.

In addition to the diversity of our school community, also are our teaching methodologies. Sandpipers Nursery and School uses the Montessori methodology, a hands on approach balanced with the local traditional system using workbooks. Our school is quite the opposite of the schooling system that most of our Grenadian teaching attended as young children, in fact it can be quite unfamiliar. If you are passionate about alternate educational methodologies, Sandpipers is the place for you!