Sandpipers Mission Statement

Sandpipers is a highly regarded school where students and staff alike prioritize joyful and engaged learning in a uniquely caring environment.

Meet the Director

Ms. Susanne Curry has been working in the education sector in the Caribbean for almost 20 years. She has fostered an excellent relationship with the Grenadian Ministry of Education (MOE). In April, 2020 she was elected to serve as a representative on the Pre-Primary school division District 7 team. She is also one of the co-creators of the Grenada Private School Principal Association. Ms. Curry has an excellent reputation at establishing educational programs and external educational support programs including curriculum development to serve the Grenadian community.

Ms. Curry’s Qualifications:

  • Master degree in Education St. George’s University 2021
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Endicott College 2015
  • Montessori teacher training for ages (6-9) and (9-12)  Toronto Montessori Institute 2007 (MACTE)
  • Montessori Teacher Training for ages (3-6) Canadian Montessori Institute 2004 (MACTE)
  • Early Childhood Diploma George Brown College Toronto 1989 (MACTE)

Ms. Curry has a firm belief in the Montessori philosophy and has created a research based balanced curriculum.  Her teaching philosophy is to make strong connections with everyone involved in the development of the school (teachers, children and parents) in order to create a sustainable learning community. 

Learning for ALL

The focus at Sandpipers is “Learning for All” 

The Sandpiper teaching team is continually modifying our Montessori and traditional lesson plans to ensure that every child is provided with various learning opportunities to meet their learning styles. We know that every child learns differently, and this curriculum supports all learning styles. Focusing on only one method does not provide for an inclusive school environment. 

Ms. Curry not only excels at teaching young ones but also enjoys leading a diverse team of educators in adult learning theory. 

At Sandpipers School, Ms. Susanne has implemented a professional learning community (PLC). This supports collective learning, and collaboration. PLC’s also empower the teachers and allow them ownership of the schools day to day runnings.